Useful websites

Investegate : For up to the minute news releases:

RNS alert : Receive instant alerts whenever your chosen company releases news - by SMS, twitter, or email. I get the twitter alerts and the service is fantastic - has sometimes enabled me to trade a price before the news gets everywhere.

Shareprice : Free live streaming if you trade. Useful for creating portfolios of your shares and usually pretty accurate on closing prices (compared say to LSE which is often wrong)

Oilbarrel: good for quick overviews of companies, sometimes find companies worth further research. Used to have some broker reports on the site although seems to be less of them nowadays

Minesite : Sister site to Oilbarrel, but for mining companies. The clue is in the name :)

Proactive : share site

LSE : Bulletin board discussion and track sentiment. Good for the occasional laugh but never take any discussion for fact - DYOR is the rule here!

DiscusstheMarket DTM : streams LSE and ii together to watch BB chat as it happens in case that's your thing.

ADVFN: Another BB site with lots of data, graphs, reports etc. A staple for traders and investors. Down side, the BB comment can be full of posters with screws loose. But some good research and comment at times.

Shareprofits: You sometimes need to take their "predictions" with a pinch of salt but useful for up to date comment companies and snippets of sentiment

Sharesmag : good for general market news and coverage of bigger cap companies

thefiringroom : Roland Heads financial blog which I have found to have balanced, useful overviews of various E&P and mining companies

The El1te Trader : another blog site with some good tutorials and company reviews

The Motley Fool: Discussion and advice

Let me know any others you use and I will add to the list thanks.

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