This has been a great learning curve and I am keen to make this blog useful and interesting for readers. I would love to hear your feedback and ideas for other information or topics I could include on it, and any thoughts on how you found the site.

If you have any feedback on how this blog could be improved please leave me a comment. Thanks.


  1. Good to see a balanced review showing not only your winners but losers too - API45

  2. Thanks very much, I intend to be honest with both winners and losers. It reinforces that this blog is my opinion only

  3. hi,
    i have been spending some time reading your researches and comments on your site today.
    nice summary, some companies i knew others i didn't.
    like you i am a fairly new investor, and have learned a few painful lessons in the year past.
    what i think would be nice to have, is a site / site portion dedicated to CEO, like a hall of fame and shame.

    1. I'd like that too. Might ask for trouble from them though. I made my thoughts clear on the Tern board on one of my posts but a hall of shame with photos would be great! Certainly help us keep a note on them all. I'll think about it at some point. Thanks for your idea and feedback. Good luck with your investing.

  4. Good blog. About to start 'gambling' on AIM. Picked up a few tips, not least DYOR. Thanks.


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