The small print

I am a private investor, not a market professional.

I hope this blog will provide food for thought and ideas for further research. I am not giving advice, neither can I as I am not a financial advisor. My posts are reflections of what I see, hear, or read. You must make your own mind up when investing.

My comments are based on documents, web sites, reports etc which are all in the public domain. For this reason I post what I find in good faith, but I cannot verify the accuracy or otherwise of these articles, or as many of us will have discovered the truthfulness or otherwise of certain AIM companies reports! Errors and omissions are regrettable but possible. So please do your own checks.

My top 10 observations around investing are as follows:

1. DYOR - do your own research.

2. Never invest money you can't afford to lose

3. Don't obsess about paper losses unless you are selling. Many a share will recover. Sometimes the night is always darkest just before dawn. (unless you were in Angel Mining of course)

4. Read as much as you can about companies, research their performance, check their numbers

5. Buy in haste, regret at your leisure

6. What goes up, does not keep on going up (apart from Asos)

7. Have an exit price, once you reach it reassess the situation. Selling is harder than buying. You should probably take at least some profit off the table.

8. Take responsibility for your own investments.

9. Treat all BB chat and information as if it's gossip - unlikely to be true and shared for dubious reasons!

and finally....

10. The graph to the right describes the worst investment strategy - we've all been there but learn from it and move on.......

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