Hall of Fame & Shame

Some of my Winners:

Blinkx Bought at 24p and more at 74p. Sold the lot for £1.40. Bought again at 67p and sold at £1.10. Bought again at 1.15p and just sold at 1.85p

Encore Oil Bought at 28p and sold for 74p

Range Resources Bought at 4p and 5p and sold for 8.5p

Rockhopper Bought £2.12 and sold for £2.63

Xcite Bought for £1.23 and sold for £1.85

Gulf Keystone Bought for £2.59 and sold for £2.80

Ithaca bought for £1.16 and sold for £1.26

Top Level Domain Holdings bought at 7p and sold at 9.5p. Bought at 8p and holding currently at 14p

Lochard Bought at 6.5p 3.8p and 4.3p and converted to Parkmead shares at equivalent of 6.5p.

Some of my Losers

Nighthawk Bought at 25p and sold for 11p (now 9.5p)

Serica Energy Bought at 38p and sold at 31p (now 21p)

Conroy Gold and Natural Resources Bought at 7p and sold for 4.1p (now 1.9p)

San Leon Bought at 27p and sold for 12p (now 4.5p)

Angel Mining Bought at 2.1p and 1.3p. Went bust after misleading investors.

Silvermere energy Bought at 5.6p and now replaced with total of about £50 worth of Tern shares when they lost their assets in Texas. Small amount but unhelpful to this years portfolio performance. Grrr.

Ruspetro Bought when they said they were on track to end 2012 at 10kbopd. Sold following RNS at 6.30pm at the end of December saying "ooops we got it wrong we're only producing 4.5kbopd. What a absolute disgrace that BoD are. Sold up and won't be back.

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